I used to work with a couple guys who would occasionally greet me with the question, "So ... what do ya' know today?"

I can't think of a better question to be asked.  The Lord had swung wide the door of opportunity!  My answer to them was to simply tell them a few things I knew.  Things like, "I was a sinner and deserved God's just punishment for my sins." Things like, "when I confessed my sins to God and asked Him to forgive me, He did."  Things like, "I put my trust in Jesus as the only one who could save me from receiving God's judgement in eternal torment."  Things like, "if I were to die right now, because of my faith in Jesus Christ and God's amazing grace upon me,  I'm headed to Heaven."

As our global society looks to news outlets to provide updates from civic leaders and health authorities relaying the latest developments relating to the Covid-19 virus, the dominating collective question as we tune in is likely, "So ... what do ya' know today?"

As I think back to the answers I provided my friends, the situation with the Covid-19 virus affords us the same opportunity to relate to others the things that we know.  Things like what we know to be true about God and His character.  God is good.  God is love.  God is all-knowing.  God is all-powerful.  God is merciful. God is our comforter.  God is our peace.  God will provide.  The list goes on and on. 


The things that we know all find their source in the true and living God.  In the midst of these uncertain days, it's interesting to note, that as we reflect on all the facets of God's perfections, these thoughts draw our hearts into worship, and as we declare these truths about God to others, He receives the glory of our praises.

Although there is a mountain of things we don't know as events unravel in the world around us, let's live with confidence as we bask in the confidence of knowing God.

As information and health orders continue to come to light, we will make our best effort to keep you apprised of the things we know about the impact of the Covid-19 virus as it relates to our church.  Please check the website regularly for updates.

The links below provide information about the impact of the Covid-19 virus as it relates to various aspects of our worship and church ministries.


The links below provide information about the COVID-19 virus as it relates to various aspects of our worship and church ministries.



Although we will not be gathering together at the church, a weekly sermon will be provided on the website (click here).  We encourage you to have a worship time together as a family or small group of friends not only to view the sermon, but to pray, sing and worship God together. 



Many helpful resources are available to guide us through the unprecedented days in which we find ourselves.  One such source is The Gospel Coalition.  They have compiled a collection of articles addressing a number of questions and issues emerging from the COVID-19 virus.

The links below connect to some specific areas and articles on The Gospel Coalition website dealing with the COVID-19 virus.

Another excellent resource is Crossway Publishing.  They have made a number of resources available for free or at greatly reduced pricing.  Some of the resources include free e-books, printable Bible verse cards, articles along with many others.

We will continue to build this resources list, so please check this section regularly.



Due to the actions being taken by the provincial government, we would ask that anyone who needs to stop by the church to please make their stay very brief.

Please feel free to contact Dwayne on his cell or the church office if you would like to make arrangements for a pastoral visit.


Obviously, we request that anyone who is displaying symptoms that have been identified with the COVID-19 virus to self-isolate and seek immediate medical attention.



In cooperation with the recent CLASS ORDER (mass gatherings) re: COVID-19 issued as an ORDER OF THE PROVINCIAL HEALTH OFFICER,  the following ministries and events will be cancelled until further notice.

We will strive to maintain the accuracy of the church calendar with ministries and events that are continuing in their regular or altered format.

Please monitor this list as additional items may be added.


  • Wednesday Morning Prayer Meeting

  • College & Careers

  • Youth Group

  • Facility use by the Alleluia Children's Choir

  • Savvy Saturday



The worship and generosity which we continue to joyfully and freely give is so gratefully appreciated by our church and the ministries we support and partner with.  Offerings are still being received during this time through a number of different channels.

  • Gifts can be dropped off at the church (see Church Hours)

  • Gifts can be mailed to the church (see mailing address)

  • Gifts can be made by Electronic-Transfer from a smartphone or computer.  E-Transfer information is available on the back of the weekly bulletin or by calling the church office.

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